1968 Volkswagen Kombi – Your chance to name her

Posted 2 weeks ago

This very cool 1968 Volkswagen Kombi Van is one to watch; Announcement - because it was just sold to us for! We don’t have a name for her. So lets throw that out to our members..! Can you suggest a name for our new family member the 1968 VW Kombi van!?

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Back to the future Dolorean at Subic Bay

Posted 3 weeks ago

According to our sources, the owner of the car is Lito but we’ve yet to find out his story on why he bought the car. Is it for rarity, collectible or Perhaps even luxury? This car brings nostalgia even to those who haven’t even experienced driving this sports car and the most fun part is majority of the world recognizes this beauty. The DoLorean (DMC-12), a novelty car with historical significance made popular by the movie Back To The Future back in 1985.

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1965 Ford Galaxie 500 LTD Convertible at Subic Bay

Posted 1 month ago

Steve Eggers of Subic Bay is the very proud owner of this amazing 1965 Convertible Ford Galaxie 500 LTD.   After always wanting to own this exact model car as a young lad, Steve’s dream came true when he purchased this classic, It was soon shipped to Steve’s home in Perth Australia where he maintained it for 13 years and later imported his pride and joy to be with him here in 2016.

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