1965 Ford Galaxie 500 LTD with owner Steve Eggers
Steve Eggers of Subic Bay is the very proud owner of this amazing 1965 Convertible Ford Galaxie 500 LTD.

After always wanting to own this exact model car as a young lad, Steve’s dream came true when he purchased this classic, on Ebay in 2003 from Omaha Nebraska in United States of America .  It was soon shipped to Steve’s home in Perth Australia where he maintained it for 13 years.    After serving as a wedding and show car, Steve migrated to The Philippines in 2011 and imported his pride and joy to be with him here in 2016.

Steve explaining the rebuild
Steve Eggers explaining in detail about the rebuild.

After these many years the Galaxie has travelled only 115,000 Miles and is now under complete rebuild back to near stock standard.   The only parts on the car that are not authentic or from genuine original source are merely – one distributor cap, the steering wheel, and of course a car like this being in need of some unique bling, the rims and tires.   Being restored at no expense spared, the leather trim alone purchased to restore the interior, from the original source cost was $1,800 AUD 6 years ago.

The 76th Ford Galaxie Convertible ever built Dyno testing tag on the gearbox
76th Ford Galaxie Convertible ever built with a dyno testing tag on the gearbox.

This model intended to be a true classic from when it was first made.   These were rolling off the production line in America from 1959 to 1974.  This year 65’ is number 76… the 76th Ford Galaxie Convertible ever built and the number is stamped everywhere on the car chassis, doors, parts small and large.   If that is not unique enough for you, in this unit Steve also found a dyno testing tag on the gearbox, and they only use 1 test dyno in every 1,000 units produced.

It is amazing that this year model car features an electric convertible roof, and yes of course this rebuild Steve includes a brand new replacement cloth-top from an original supplier.

Proud owner Steve Eggers
Proud owner Steve Eggers rebuilding his 1965 Convertible Ford Galaxie 500 LTD.

We are going to continue to follow the re-build and will keep you updated right here on this page.  Look out on the streets of Subic soon, and you may see the amazing Ford Galaxie with your own eyes!

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