Foodie Hotspots in ‘GAPO – What’s Your Favorite?

Posted 4 months ago

How times change. There was a time in the not too distant past when a foodie in Olongapo doesn’t feel shortchanged by the now so pervasive fast-food eating culture. There was a time when most of us would not just settle for McDonald’s, KFC, and other fast-food franchise to enjoy a delicious, typical Filipino meal.

Foodie Hotspots in ‘GAPO

Olongapo’s food scene today is a far cry from those yonder days from the 60s to 80s when we would go to Kong’s for a mouthwatering Chinese feast, Nina’s Papagayo for harmoniously flavored Mexican specialties, or the Chatterbox, Lee’s, and Sam’s Pizza for gourmet comfort food. Of course, some of these mainstays are till around, and then there’s Rico’s – a legendary local turo-turo – and remember Goto Gate, where we would satisfy our cravings for good ol’ goto or arroz caldo instead of the lame Lugaw Republic variations.

But if we really want to savor truly sumptuous flavors — Filipino or otherwise — in Olongapo or Zambales today, where do we go? Where do you go? Share with us your favorite places and tell us why you love them in a few words (describing their food taste, signature dishes, overall presentation, service, price, and ambience).

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