1968 Volkswagen Kombi - Mobile Fun
1968 Volkswagen Kombi to render fun public service at Subic Bay.
Front of the VW Kombi
Smile of the VW Kombi

This very cool 1968 Volkswagen Kombi Van is one to watch; Announcement – because it was just sold to us for morefun.ph..! Gregg Homan from Vascoe’s had it for sale. Well he did once we spotted it and asked him if he would sell it to us! Gregg I think knows and is friends with almost everyone in Subic bay.

This beauty is going to get more and more beautiful as we rebuild her and sticker her up as our promotional Van. We are going to rebuild the gearbox first and then re-fit the entire interior. She will be blessed with a big sound system too, because it is more-fun with great music.

VW Kombi - Gull Wing Door
The Kombi Gull Wing Door

She has the coolest Gull-Wing doors so we can set up in a lot of configurations such as a mobile office, or serve refreshments from inside, out to you. We are going to fit her shiny new wheel-caps and white wall tires next week, then we will post that to show her off to everyone as she looks better and better.

Soon you will see her doing the rounds in Freeport, posing for photographs, flying drones, giving away free stuff and spreading more and more fun!

Exploration Fun
Designed with Fun and Exploration

‘She’ is …well ‘her’…. um, we don’t have a name for her, so lets throw that out to our members..! Can you suggest a name for our new family member the 1968 VW Kombi morefun.ph van!?

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