Dairy Zambaleño Trade Fair, pinasinayaan in Olongapo


Posted 7 months ago

Pinasinayaan Tuesday afternoon, July 11 at the harbor point mall the product zambaleño trade fair related of observations on msmed or mirco, small medium enterprises week.

Report by Lolito Ramada Go

Attended such trade fair more than fifty small business owners, twenty one of them are the from another program of DTI that KMME or the brother, mentor me program. You became a guest in the assembly. James Lee, tagapangulo of MSMED Olongapo, Mr. Benjamin Farin Jr., tagapangulo naman ng MSMEDC Zambales. Also gave a short speech pd Leonila Baluyut of DTI Zambales and si g. Ronald Tan a dream out loud productions. Expected to take trade fair in such malls until July 16.

First Published: Subic Broadcasting Corporation @ Facebook

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