Forest regeneration training center planned in Zambales

Posted 2 months ago

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and the Association of South East Asian Nations -Republic of Korea (ASEAN-ROK) Forest Cooperation (AFoCo) are planning to establish a forest regional training center in Candelaria, Zambales that will enhance the knowledge and skills of forest managers and peoples’ organizations (PO) in restoring and protecting the region’s forests and fight global warming and climate change.

Forest regeneration training center planned in Zambales
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Orlando Panganiban, head of the forest resources management division of the DENR-Forest Management Bureau (FMB), the ASEAN regional training center will serve as a demonstration area for the application of assisted natural regeneration (ANR) technology using the landscape approach to sustainable forest management and will benefit forest technicians, including members of the PO.

“The center will develop and promote a 30-hectare ANR demonstration area as a cost efficient way of regenerating the forest by enhancing the establishment of secondary forests from degraded grassland and shrub vegetation by protecting and nurturing the mother trees and their wildlings inherently present in the area,” he explained.

He pointed out that the objective of ANR is to accelerate, rather than replace, natural successional processes by removing or reducing barriers to natural forest regeneration such as soil degradation, competition with weedy species, and recurring disturbances like grass fire and grazing.

“In ANR, seedlings are, in particular, protected from undergrowth and extremely flammable plants such as cogon (Imperata cylindrical) and talahib (Saccharum spontaneum),” he noted

He added that as a protection effort, new trees are planted when needed or wanted in what is called enrichment planting.

According to DENR-Central Luzon Director Francisco Milla Jr., the training center is a big support to the DENR and the ASEAN member countries to further boost its reforestation effort.

“This will enable us to fast track the restoration of degraded forestland and watershed, and with ANR, forests grow faster than they would naturally,” he explained.

The AFoCo turned over to DENR P500,000 worth of equipment, including generators, fire fighting equipment, desktop computers, projectors and geographical positioning system units that will initially be used in the center to help improve the DENR’s reforestation efforts.

AFoCo was first proposed by Republic of Korea in June, 2009 to share their experiences and technologies with other Asian countries in the forest sector as a forest cooperation organization, which aims to promote forest restoration and rehabilitation and sustainable development in the Asian region.

It was formally established in November, 2011 after it was ratified by the 10 South East Asian nations, including Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.


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