Sanitary landfill site in Hermosa, Bataan unveiled

Posted 3 weeks ago

Hermosa, Bataan – This progressive town has opened its 7-hectare sanitary landfill facility that will address the waste problem not only in this town but also in neighboring areas.

By Mar T. Supnad

Sanitary landfill site in Hermosa, Bataan unveiled
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The new facility here will save other neighboring towns from paying exorbitant garbage disposal fees in distant dumping sites in Tarlac.

The inauguration was led by Governor Abet S. Garcia and Mayor Jopet Inton, Atty Coeli C. Fiel, president and chief executive officer of Econest waste management Corp., and witnessed by representatives from various sectors.

Bent on solving the waste disposal problem here, Inton pushed for the establishment of the landfill with ample support from the private sector through the Public-Private Partnership (PPP).

Inton eventually tapped Econest, an expert in waste management, to handle the project.

“Econest is proud to be chosen and given this opportunity under PPP scheme,” said Atty. Fiel.

Fiel vowed that the firm will be of service to the people opf Hermosa and Bataan.

Fiel, however, stressed that waste segregation must be strictly observed.

The waste disposal facility here is expected to become smooth and successful with the support of the Ecoguardians who are bent on helping implement the right way in disposing of waste materials.

Sponsored by Econest and Mayor Inton, Ecoguardians underwent a two-day leadership training and team building seminar.

Composed of senior citizens, Kalipi, out of school youth, barangay health workers, 4Ps beneficiaries, among others, Ecoguardians will then share their knowledge on waste segregation to others.


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