US Marine Equipment at Subic Bay

Posted 3 months ago

SUBIC BAY FREEPORT – In preparation for the military exercise named KAMANDAG 2017 (“Kaagapay ng Mandirigma ng Dagat, a rough translation of which is Partnership of the Warriors of the Sea), the US Marine Corps is currently organizing its equipment at the beach beside the Lighthouse Marina Resort along the Waterfront Road.

US Marine Equipment at Subic Bay

The military exercise which is a joint effort between the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), the Philippines Marines, and the US Marine Corps, will be held at the PCG Headquarters in Manila from October 2 to 11.

The event aims to demonstrate fundamentals in the context on non-traditional security operations in support of humanitarian assistance, disaster relief and counter terrorism operations. It also aims to enhance the participants’ capability in surface insertion, vertical maneuvers, maritime interdiction, and sea-based sustainment.

US Marine Equipment at Subic Bay

One of the highlights of the activity is the conduct of the Visit, Board, Search and Seizure (VBSS) Workshop which will be participated by twenty (20) PCG personnel and twenty (20) Philippine Navy personnel

US Marine Equipment at Subic Bay

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