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Wild Orchid Beach Resort

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Wild Orchid Beach Resort

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Baloy Long Beach, Barrio Barretto, Olongapo City 2200, Baloy Long Beach Rd, Olongapo, ZambalesOlongapo City


Featuring tropical landscaping and set on both sides of a road along Baloy Beach and Subic Bay, this breezy resort is less than 1 km from Highway 306 and 25 km from Zoobic Safari adventure park.

Unfussy rooms offer satellite TV, DVD players and Wi-Fi access, in addition to minifridges and sitting areas. Upgraded rooms add balconies, beach views and/or dining tables. Room service is available.

Amenities include beach access, a gym, an outdoor pool, and a lawn with sunloungers and hammocks overlooking a beach volleyball court. There’s a relaxed restaurant, and a tavern with billiards and televised sports, plus a beachfront bar and BBQ eatery.


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WINNER - First for the Worst Service I have ever experienced in my life.


on September 23, 2017

I had heard that Wild Orchid has bad service, but this turned out to be a dramatic understatement - there is next to no service at all. You can see from my reviews I have massive experience traveling in Asia and I mostly write positive reviews. We were the only group pool-side and only one or two other people were dotted around the restaurant, so not busy at all. I started by ordering a coffee.. 30 minutes later it had not showed up as we made our breakfast order. Another 10 minutes later I gave up I went and got the coffee myself. I asked why they are having trouble and she replied “We are so busy Sir" .. while nobody else was around.

Firstly, just half of one of my friends breakfast showed up. He asked where the rest was, the toast and tea. 5 minutes later the toast was bought out on a second trip. Then a third trip the tea came out. I politely asked her why she made 3 trips, repeating the question as I was eager for an answer but she just said 'sir, sir?' I started to worry as I asked where the other breakfasts are. One more then came out.

My wife and I waited as the others began to eat. Approaching one hour our meals finally arrived. My eggs Benedict was stone cold, obviously it had been sitting on the bench cold as the cook prepared my wife's food. It must have been sitting there more than 20 minutes because there was no warm temperature in it whatsoever. The cook hadn't drained the water off the poached eggs and it had soaked into the cold wet bread. I syphoned one and half more tissues full of water off the plate… so he had clearly given me two large spoons-full of water along with the poached eggs. It was disgusting, and hard to eat with the spoon provided - no knife. (That came out well after I gave up eating). The extra hash brown requested was actually black, burned and soggy with oil, really revolting and I didn’t eat it.

We signalled to the waitress and she came to take our order for shakes. About to leave the table without taking any of the dirty plates with her, I called her back to clear the table and she took just one plate. After a while I got so tired of the flies hanging around the dirty plates, we just cleared the table ourself, transferring the mess to the empty table beside us. The shakes soon came out. I asked the girl if she can see the rubbish all around the resort pool (Check the photos) and asked her why she just keeps walking past it.. she just kept saying “Sir, sorry Sir”. Looking into the vacant space behind her glazed eyes was like looking into a cows eyes standing idol in a paddock, only - a cow grazing on sticky buds. Not much activity going on up in that skull, if any at all.

More friends arrived and started ordering beer and a different waitress came this time. Leaving our table without taking even one piece of the collection of around 5 empty shake glasses that by now are making a lovely fly-trap.

Another foreign guest arrived and was entering the pool. I watched him also point out to this waitress about rubbish everywhere .. she just walked away back to the bar. We couldn’t take another minute of this place and opted to attend the bar to pay the bill, not wanting to risk a 45 minute bill-out. While we were at the bar I asked to the two waitresses and one other staff why they didn’t clean up the trash around the pool even when two guests had asked about it, but I was just met with blank stares.

The bill-out and pay procedure approached 10 minutes even though we had gone up to the counter - they had run off to look for change as we were determined to not leave any tip. A few more minutes went by and I asked them again why they refuse to pick up the trash around the pool. “I said can I have a plastic bag? ..I will go do it.” I repeated “can I have a plastic bag” and started getting very irritated. Now they are all just staring at me. Eventually I went in behind the bar myself and grabbed a plastic bag from the rubbish bin. I took it and filled it up with all the trash I was just sick of looking at. By the time I filled the bag and got back to the bar they had all fled. No-one was to be found at all, so I took the bag of trash to the reception and flung it on the counter and told the lot of them what a rotten experience we have just had.

My wife told me later that the waitress was ‘rolling her eyes’ when I wasn’t looking at her. So clearly she wasn’t learning anything and thinks I am the one in the wrong.

The pool at Wild Orchid is terrific and I have stayed at this hotel on about a dozen occasions, but never again even if it was free and if I could just serve myself.! I can’t tolerate the untrained, un-experienced, idiot staff and no manager anywhere.

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