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Make Number Plates on vehicles essential to entry into SBFZ

SubicKiwi May 15, 2017 5:36 PM


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I had just arrived from New Zealand when I noticed a car in Manila without a number plate and a sign that said ‘lost plate’. I roared with laughter and pointed it out to the Filipino I was with. She just sat quietly, not laughing. I thought is was part of a joke or prank. To think putting that little sign there makes it okay, and he is going to get away with that? ….no way! Where I am from you would not make it up to the corner store and back without both number-plates intact and clean and visible. A police would pick you up and that car would not move another inch until the plates were correctly displayed.

It turns out I see missing number plates everywhere. Only some bother to put the amusing little sign there. I think the reason so many cars have no plates is because of governments incompetence in supplying plates for new cars. So they know they can throw their plate away, blame the government and make motoring anonymous. Number plates don't just fall off and get lost. Neither do other car parts, because we don't see ‘missing tail lamp’ or ‘missing badge’ or side panel everywhere. Number Plates are the only car part that tends to go missing very regularly in The Philippines.

I read almost a year ago that the Philippine Department of Transport had number plates made in another country (for some reason - while our prisoners sit around taking and dealing drugs. In USA the prisoners make the plates). When the container arrived back into the country the Department Of Customs wanted to collect duty on the cargo, but the DOT thinks they should not have to pay. While this was being argued, apparently the container was going to be auctioned off as ‘un-claimed’ (I guess). Meaning all the control over car number-plates would fall into the hands of a private bidder. That is the last I heard about that and not sure what the outcome was (Calling other Contributors).

I moved from Manila to Freeport because I couldn't take the calamity, I needed more civil order. I must say the residents in Subic seem to have a better record at wearing their plates. But then the weekend comes and the convoys of plateless Fortuna’s come bearing down on Subic, we just let them in!

It is matter of safety for me - If a car hits mine or runs me off the road injuring or killing my family, or swerves onto the footpath and hits my wife and kids or myself as pedestrians, then speeds away. But nobody got a plate number because there was no plate to write down.

If I was a public figure, Administrator, Government or Chairman, Mayor or even wealthy enough that somebody may want to shoot me or abduct me, then I would be very very worried. Has it not occurred to these very important people that if an attempt to attack them is made, how easy it would be for the perpetrators to get away unidentified? You could argue that they could just steal a plate from another car to do the dirty job. But then we may find CCTV footage of that plate theft. There are always more leads, easier to track someone when we insist on plates for all. Especially motorbikes ….an assassins choice in Philippines, I would be very cautious of plate-less motorbikes if I was a VIP in The Philippines. That said, I am a foreigner and my head is probably worth a bit served on a plate, so yes - another reason I’d like plates on all cars on base.

I say we send Manila a message through their news media - a message that if you want to come to our Freeport then you must obey our rules and also drive courteously. Let’s let them know that our Freeport is a sanctuary from the chaos of what is almost everywhere outside our gates. We are more orderly, we are courteous and civil. It is easy to pick out the Manila’ians in Freeport by there aggressive push and shove selfish and rude driving.

I think upon entering Freeport, everybody should be stopped at the gate and turned around if they have no plate or a dangerously dilapidated vehicle. Those that get in should be handed instructions - not to litter, to follow our road rules, be patient and give way. No pushing up the inside at the lights, making your own inside lane, don't blow your horn, and display a suitable number plate!

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