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Big thank you for cleaning up our beach, to the Purple Jackets!

SubicKiwi May 26, 2017 3:17 PM


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My wife and I sometimes like to go down to Subic Adventure resto on the SBFZ waterfront esplanade at sunset, and enjoy some cold beer while our son runs around enjoying the beach. Since SBMA installed the awesome and popular SUBIC BAY concrete signage, the beach has been kept in much better condition. I thought that this would be because they are aware that visitors taking photos would go back to Manila etc and this will be making a record of how clean the Freeport beach is kept. I assumed SBMA was cleaning it, but was I correct?

Last week we arrived and my wife and son started to run around the beach. She came back with her nose screwed up and said “oh God the beach is filthy again… covered in rubbish!” We sat disappointed and enjoyed the outlook despite the rubbish all though the sand.

After a while these people in purple started to emerge …. with big white sacks and new rubbish bins… they started to remove all of the trash! Delighted we ran down to meet them and thank them. Turns out they are from the Pasay City Host Lions Club led by PCHLC President Thoby Antiproda. I met one man in charge, his name is Benny Antiporda. He mentioned he is on the board at SBMA and that was reassuring that they had something to do with the clean up. Benny told me they will be keeping the beach area clean from now on. I wonder if they are the reason it has been kept clean lately? Or was this their first clean-up? Please contribute if you know more??

None the less Thank You Rotary Club, Benny and your kind caring volunteers!

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