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Cebu Pathetic Seat Scam

Spooks Feb 12, 2018 12:00 PM


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My wife and son and I were set to fly out of Clark to Coron.. booking on-line and selecting various options to pay a little more money for - Check-in Luggage, yes please. Meal, No thanks. Seat select seat Yes please, definitely - I paid over 600 Peso for the three of us, then proceeded with my booking while looking forward for the chance to select our seats. Next - Process payment, Booking Complete!! What?.. I am looking for where I can redeem my seat selection purchase…?? Manage my booking, no not there. Maybe 'On-Line Check-in’.

The day came to depart and I 'checked in’ on-line, but still no seat selection. We purposefully went to the airport early …. being quite claustrophobic it is important to me to get off the airplane the moment it stops, and that is done by selecting a seat near the exit. We were early but not the first people at the check in counter. I declared 'I wish to select my seat’, and the Cebu Pacific staff said “we have already selected it for you”. I argued that is not my own 'seat selection' and I would either like to select my own seat or be refunded the seat selection fee. I was told I was not able to select a seat, nor can be refunded..! I pointed out that that amounts to theft. The counter staff said "please just call our help-desk with your query.” I explained we are going to Sangat Island for a holiday, and even if there was phone coverage I don’t want to spend my holiday arguing with your call centre… I just want what I paid for, or my money back - they said neither would be done.

Deciding not to let it ruin the start of our holiday, I decided to give up and retreated conceding just another lesson learned in The Philippines. I took a step away from the counter, paused then turned around and asked the airline staff “Am I the only one who has ever had this problem?” - she cheerfully replied “No, all the time we hear it every day”. I was blown away - Not just me this one passenger, not just this one flight, not just the one destination…!?! There must be hundreds or thousands of people all over Philippines copping the same rip-off scam daily. This airline has configured their website to take passengers money in return for something not available. That is Theft - Scam - Rip Off = Disgusting and Shameful conduct.

Cebu Pathetic - How many hundreds of thousands of your passengers Pesos are you stealing Nationwide Every Day, taking our money for a service that you know damn well you do not provide? - Can you please explain, if that is at all possible!?

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