Ulo ng Apo

Ulo ng Apo (Olongapo)
Beloved and Cherished Leader of a town. Instead of being afraid the villagers were enraged because of the hideous things done to their beloved leader.

Once upon a time in the area where Olongapo is now situated, there was a leader, an old man, famous for his love and care of his tribe. This leader was known as APO. He was intelligent, good and just. He favored no one and treated everyone fairly that was why he was loved by all.

The village of his model APO became a good example for the nearby settlements. His name became a byword. Any dispute and conflict he resolved with due fairness and justice. He inspired goodwill and nurtured hope in his people to combat sufferings brought about by calamities. However, because of his greatness, evil men with the intention of conquering his tribe became envious of him.

One morning, the village was awakened by the news that the Apo was taken by unscrupulous tribesman. The villagers searched for the Apo in the forest and mountains for several days but in vain.

One day, the villager was taken by surprise when a boy returning from the forest, claimed that he found the head of the Apo at the foot of the mountain. They soon learned that the Apo was killed by his abductors, who cut his head off in order to cast fear among the villagers and succeed in there evil intent.

But the village instead of being frightened became enraged because of the hideous things done to their beloved leader. The villagers punished the culprits and in order to cherish and emulate the example of leadership shown to them by the Apo, they called their village “ULO NG APO” (Head of the Leader). Thus the locality bears its name and became OLONGAPO.

This is the legend of Olongapo, which should not be washed away by time and forgotten by every citizen of this city.

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