USNS Tippecanoe – Mar 17, 2017

Posted 11 months ago

USNS TIPPECANOE is the 13th of the 18 HENRY J. KAISER class underway replenishment oilers and the fifth ship in the Navy to bear the name. The TIPPECANOE is named after the river which runs west and south across Indiana from Lake Tippecanoe, in Kosciusko County, to converge with the Wabash River near the site of a battle of the same name. On 7 November 1811, troops under the command of General William Henry Harrison, then governor of Indiana Territory and, later, President of the United States, met and defeated warriors of Tecumseh’s Indian confederation.

USNS Tippecanoe dock at Alava Pier Subic Bay
USNS Tippecanoe dock at Alava Pier Subic Bay

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